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EV charging doesn't have to be complicated. With EV Route, you are in total control. Our software applications straddle across network management solutions, variable pricing engines, billing payment, advanced analytics, energy management, and RFID Payment solutions.

The goal: Faster go-to-market. Optimized operations. Reduced TCO.

Our network management platform provides improved real-time operating status and health of all charging stations, installed systems, modules, reporting, and much more at a glimpse.

With our variable pricing structure, you can increase flexibility in pricing and set costs based on sessions, usage and other parameters.

EV Route manages billing and payment for your EV charging network. EV drivers can pay for charging sessions through cashless payments using a credit card reader for unattended automated machines.

Get access to an advanced analytics engine, daily energy consumption, station-level usage variability, and reporting for charging stations.

A charging operator can remotely access devices and manage charging needs to enhance energy consumption depending on peak and off-peak requests. Elevate and control your charging infrastructure based on consumption and distribute available energy between vehicles in a well-structured method.

The EV charging stations are equipped with RFID. RFID enables EV drivers to quickly authorize payments with an RFID card for user identification and management.

Go green with the rise of accelerated technological advantage and dynamic technical expertise.
  • EV charging management software by EV Route

With the world progressing towards sustainable energy sources, introducing an electric vehicle is undoubtedly a milestone. The shift in the usage of electric vehicles is fast-paced, and it is no secret that, in some time, electric vehicles will move past the traditional fuelled vehicles in terms of usage. However, as beneficial as it seems, it is also essential to understand the working of electric vehicles and their feasibility. To sustain the green form of energy, it is crucial to have a robust power network, including EV charger installation in a radius that benefits its users. The expansion and acceptance of the EV market have highlighted the urgency of a robust EV infrastructure, including charging station installations and management. Owing to the upscaling trend of electric vehicles, the places installing electric charging stations have increased drastically, which calls for a need for robust EV charger management software that facilitates the smooth functioning of the system.

Striving to make dynamic EV software solutions accessible with ease, EV Route provides innovative and advanced sustainable electric vehicle charging management software. Offering end-to-end EV software, EV route enables streamlined workflow and operation of EV charging stations regardless of the installed location systems. Making mobility convenient and manageable by facilitating the growth and usage of an electric vehicle, EV Route encourages technologically advanced solutions built with top-quality resources and an approach that paves the way toward green and clean tomorrow!

  • Fast-pacing toward the green energy

To ease the hassle of electric vehicle network managing, EV route provides innovative EV software applications that help with faster management processes across the network and aid with efficient analytics to understand the working dynamics. The management of EV charger installation networks have become easier than ever, and with EV Route, it is now possible to hold total control with software and applications. As a variable that bridges the gap between numerous activities by making it convenient and streamlined, EV charger management software by EV route helps with gaining a good hold over network management, pricing, billing, analytics, payment solutions energy management.

Intending to help with quick market expansion and optimizing network operations to reduce the overall TCO, EV route makes an end-to-end solution accessible for systematic installation, application, and management of the charging facility through software.

The EV charging management software enables tracking advanced analytics to make the tedious task more accessible. With the advanced analytics feature of the EV software, you get access to a fully functional advanced analytics engine along with the tracked status of everyday energy consumption, usage variability at the station level, and thorough reporting for charging stations.

  • Optimizing and monetizing EV charging networks efficiently.

To optimize and monetize the EV charging networks efficiently, the EV software by EV routes also hosts a variable pricing engine, billing, and payment facility, along with providing an RFID payment solution. With a variable pricing structure, it becomes possible to increase the flexibility in pricing structure and set the costs according to the usage, sessions, and other parameters that make a difference and play a prominent role in deciding the pricing as a variable.

EV route also manages billing and payment through EV software solutions for EV charging networks. Owing to this, electric vehicle drivers can make cashless payments for the charging sessions. EV route also enables an RFID payment system by integrating RFID systems at EV charging stations across the network. Since RFID provides drivers with authorized payments with an active RFID card, it becomes easy to manage the process by overseeing it with user identification and management.

  • Encouraging robust EV charging infrastructure

Marching towards a robust infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations, it is crucial to have a systematic arrangement of essential amenities that helps efficiently. With an energy management facility by EV route, it becomes hassle-free for the charging operator to remotely access all the devices and manage the charging needs as per requirements. It also promotes efficient energy consumption due to demands at varying periods, including peak and off-peak requests. It controls the charging infrastructure according to consumption and total distribution amid the well-structured charging system for electric vehicles. EV route also enforces a dynamic network management system by making EV charger management software a platform that proffers enhanced real-time operating status of the charging network. It also provides detailed insight related to the health of all charging stations across the network along with the installed systems in the network, its modules, timely reporting, etc.

As one of the best EV charging software companies, EV route makes integration of flexible systems accessible with ease for service providers, developers, vendors, and operators. The Ev charger management software is a fully functional plan for a better future that works in compliance with the rules, norms, and protocols and in favor of a strong EV charging station network. With EV charger software by EV route, you can drive the ideal result, increase customer satisfaction, and establish a solid brand with a futuristic approach.

  • Why EV route?

As a fast-growing EV solutions provider in India, EV Route is evolving as one of the leading EV charging software companies. Transforming the approach towards the E-Vehicle EV route strives to establish a strong EV network by installing an electric charging station in India. Encouraging the masses to participate in the shift towards the electric vehicle and contribute their bit for the betterment of the planet, EV route commits to making mobility convenient by all means. Creating affordable and convenient commute options accessible for one and all, with EV software solutions, EV route paves the way toward a sustainable future and intelligent infrastructure for E-vehicle. Backed by technological advancements and aid from authorities and regulatory bodies, EV Route, with its initiative that can make a significant difference and change perspective towards mobility, takes pride in establishing a dynamic yet effective EV infrastructure network in India with utmost proficiency and efficiency.

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